The First Steps

Create a Menu

Select your food niche and create a menu to attract your target customers. If you have too many offerings, it may put more stress on you and overwhelm your customers. Find a theme and stick with it, be it a specific regional cuisine or targeted meal, such as lunch or dinner for weddings or family reunions. While creating your menu, consider the cost of ingredients and start formulating your prices.

Ready Your Kitchen

While you can certainly run a catering business from home, you need to ensure your home kitchen is able to handle high-volume cooking. This may mean investing in commercial-grade appliances and opening up the space so a whole team of people can prepare the food at the same time. Before tackling the remodel, use an online kitchen planner to more efficiently plan out and maximize your cooking space.

Establish Your Business Legally

Cities and states have regulations on what's needed to establish and run a business, particularly one out of a home and one that deals with distributing food products. Make sure you get the appropriate licenses and permits to legally operate the business in your area. Your county's health department may require you to complete special training and be open to regular inspections of your kitchen to ensure food is safe.

Acquire Transportation
and Begin Marketing

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